Monday, 24 September 2012

Everybody's Favorite Dinosaur(Part 2)

For Part 1, see "Something I wrote about a dinosaur"

Everybody has an idol. For Donovan, it was King Kong.  Donovan had mad respect for any gorilla that could physically dominate a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (At this point it should be made clear that any references to King Kong refer to the 2005 Peter Jackson version of the ape). Being a dinosaur of the Tyrannosaurus family, Donovan idolized that King Kong could stand up to the Rex's who were typically the family douche-bags. One day, Donovan hoped to be as big and strong as King Kong. In order to do this Donovan would have to stick to a strict diet: three children a day with a side of coniferous trees(broccoli for dinosaurs). This was problematic as the suburbs in his area were becoming restless. Though they were no longer confused as to why he was eating children, they were becoming concerned. The local children's choir had already lost three major leads and was starting to lose their competitive reputation in the show choir community. It would not be long before Donovan would be hunted down and viciously killed. These common folk just had no respect for a dinosaur with dreams. As a result, Donovan decided to hit the road. It would be a long road to victory but Donovan set out on his way in hopes to someday reach his goal and be awesome.

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