Saturday, 15 September 2012

Red Riding Hood

A new version of  the classic tale "Little Red Riding Hood". It's just the intro I haven't quite gotten around to finishing it yet.

Once upon a time in Sherwood forest there lived a teenage girl by the name of Laurel. Laurel was by her own definition, a misunderstood teenager. She spent the majority of her afternoons listening to heavy metal music in her room. Her mother, whom laurel despised, would often tell her that her music was obnoxious and to “turn that racquet down.” To this laurel would reply “It's not racquet mother, it's Lamb of God, only a lame person would not know that.” Her mother would then reply with something like “Well it sounds a lot like racquet to me!” Laurel would then proceed to holler a sarcastic quip about her mother's age and from that point the makeshift conversation would descend into a yelling fight. Laurel had several piercings, all of which her mother did not approve of. That is in fact the reason she got the piercings or at least that's what her psychologist maintained. He believed that the reason for the eyebrow ring, the snakebites, the tongue ring, the several earrings and the numerous other piercings was that this perturbed young teenager wanted to rebel against her mother. He maintained that this was also the reason for the green spiky hair and that tattoo of a skull on her left arm. Laurel did not think much of this “chump” who was her psychologist. She didn't think much of adults in general. Her school recommended that she see a psychologist after she taped herself killing a chicken and then submitted this video to her media class. She maintains that she was simply expressing her views on animal cruelty. In other words she did not visit him by choice. On one occasion when Laurel showed up to her session stoned, she explained to her psychologist that the reason she was so “effed” up, was because of her mother. She then recounted to him how her mother would always make her wear a small red cape with a hood to school everyday when she was a child. She claimed that this traumatized her to the point where she could not possibly live a normal life. Though the psychologist did not approve of drugs for the use of self induced euphoria he didn't seem to mind because this was the most progress he had ever made with laurel. All the kids at her school had given her the nickname “Little Red Riding Hood”. She did not appreciate this nickname.

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