Saturday, 8 September 2012

Something I wrote about a dinosaur.

Donovan was a ferocious dinosaur who enjoyed eating small children for breakfast. This piece of information surprised most folk as they were often fooled by his cartoon like appearance. The truth of the matter was that the artist was not that talented and all of his drawings gave off a warm, cozy, this guy doesn't really know how to draw kind of feel. However, the artist was too proud and perhaps slightly self-obsessed to let anyone else illustrate his stories. Eventually the artist remedied Donovan's appearance with the simple slant of an eyebrow. From that point on, Donovan continued to eat small children for breakfast but this time, no one gave it a second thought. Well, I mean people gave it a second thought but it was more like: “What are we going to do about this dinosaur eating our small children for breakfast?” as opposed to: “That dinosaur doesn't look like it should be eating small children for breakfast”.   

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