Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Adventures of Ratburn and Graham

 A man and his rat at the grocery store.

One day Ratburn and Graham went to the grocery store. People were quite displeased. They did not appreciate the idea of a rat in a grocery store.

A man and his rat go for a walk.

One day Ratburn and Graham went for a walk in the park. They came across a large bulldog who barked excessively loud. Ratburn became quite frightened and crawled into Graham's hood. This was Ratburn's favourite hiding place.

A man and his rat get ready for school.

One day Graham slept through his alarm. Luckily, Ratburn gave him a lick on the face and woke him up just in time. Thanks to Ratburn, Graham was not late for class.

A man and his Rat go to the zoo.

One day Ratburn and Graham travelled to the zoo. The zoo was Ratburn and Graham's most favourite place to go because they often saw many of Ratburn's relatives such as the Australian jumping mouse, the muskrat, the Norway lemming and the black bellied hamster. They also saw one of Ratburn's more distant relatives, the lion. The Lion had a mighty roar. Ratburn also had a mighty roar but he refrained from using it as Graham was easily startled by loud noises. Unsurprisingly Graham was quite taken aback when the lion let out a very mighty roar. In fact he was so taken aback that he stumbled backward and fell to the ground. Ratburn who was perched on Graham's shoulder leaped to a nearby seal tank. However the long jump made it hard for Ratburn to make a steady landing which left him precariously perched on the side of the tank. His position was so unstable that a simple breeze could send him billowing over the side of the tank. Regrettably for Ratburn it was the perfect day; warm with a light breeze. However before the delicate waft of air could send Ratburn over the side of the tank to the seals bellow, a hare-brained teenager mistook Ratburn for a piece of seal food. He then proceeded to toss Ratburn into the seal tank. Due to Graham's unconditional love for Ratburn, Graham dove over the tank and grabbed Ratburn before he plunged into the tank. It turned out to be a very exciting day at the zoo. Ratburn was so lucky to have a friend like Graham.

This has been the Adventures of Ratburn and Graham. Tune in next time for more epic adventures featuring Ratburn, Graham and a secret special guest.